In the event that a reservation more than 14 days before your stay has been
canceled, you will receive 50% of the paid B & B costs back. 
If a cancellation shorter than 14 days before the reserved date or in the case of 
"No-show", there will be no payment returned. 
Your hostess has the right to cancel a reservation. In arguably 
misconduct and destruction your hostess can decide a guest access to the B & B 
protect or refuse, without any compensation of repayment. 
Your pets can unfortunately not entail, smoking is only allowed outside.

Theft, damage or losses:
Your stay at B&B SanssouciS, as a guest or visitor is at your own risk. Your hostess cannot be held liable for any loss, theft, and/or damage to your possessions and (laundry) commands. 
In case if between a guest and one of our staff of B&B a disagreement has arisen your hostess will mediate, her decision will be respected by both parties without any further discussion. 
While staying at B&B SanssouciS, you are agreeing to our policies and regulations.